We had the blessing and privilege to photograph a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

The kids were excited to have a sitter all day long but they were wistful about weddings.

Someday,” Tess said, “someday I’ll get to go to a wedding, too.  And maybe I’ll be able to help you.  Like I can do hair and stuff.”

Obviously her wires are crossed and evidently we need to take them to more weddings as guests.  PSA for friends who are eligible: get married already so our children will no longer be deprived of this mystery known as a “wedding.”  (Really, I think the last one we went to as a family may well have been Jaaron and Megan’s when Ellie was 6 weeks old.  It’s been a while.)

Back to Saturday . . . The bride was radiant and gorgeous.  The weather was warm. There were cowboy boots all around. The bride’s sisters and sister-in-law sang the most beautiful songs for the mass.  There was an antique car AND a horse and carriage – these folks get around in style! There were Boston accents to enjoy and mingle with our own and old friends and new came together in a way only weddings make them do. There were 14 individual cakes to sample and a happening dance floor. And as this was one of our former youth and baby-sitter, gosh we felt old! That always brings things into sharp focus and reminds us of what’s important and what our future holds.  Wow.


Kelley and Tim, congratulations and may God bless your marriage richly. Thank you for including us in your big day (so glad you didn’t elope!).

In other news, the historic restaurant where the reception was held was destroyed in a fire Sunday night.  I’m so glad I got to experience it before the loss and here’s hoping they rebuild!

Click here for more wedding pics!

*Fire pic courtesy of the Rapid City Journal online. Click here for more Gaslight pics!