It’s that time again, back to school. Or, in our case, still staying home.

We homeschool moms have been checking in with each other.  “How’re you doing?” “What are you thinking?” “Are you ready?” There is a part of me in this COVID-addled world that wants to shrug my pack onto my shoulders, place my cigarette behind my ear, and say, “Try to keep up, soldier.” All metaphorically, of course.  I am a JUST-SAY-NO-asthmatic-mother. You think I’m smoking?! What I mean is, this is our 12th year homeschooling.  I’m a veteran homeschooler even if I haven’t graduated a student yet.  In comparison to so many families making the leap, at least I’m familiar with the “What the heck am I doing?!” feeling.

At least the unknown is familiar. I’m sure that’s what the battle-hardened soldier would say.

I have been putting thoughts and plans into mental drawers and writing mental sticky notes to remind me where I’ve stored things.  This has a success rate of about .4%. However, at least there are THOUGHTS. Shakespeare, algebra, Reconstruction, read-a-louds, beginning reading, how to keep a toddler busy . . . the list and sorting goes on and on. Top of the list actually, are life skills.  Simple things that are inspired by the current state of affairs around here.

For the new and experienced door user.  Specific attention will be paid to closing the front door as well as how to ensure the freezer door is shut. We will also cover when to shut the bathroom and/or outhouse door with consideration given to turning lights on and off in relationship to this action.  Finally, proper van sliding door closure as well as how to clean up after said van door isn’t shut and you go through a car wash.

A very simple introduction to the use of lids of all kinds. Content will include history of lid use and illustrations such as ‘listerine bottle placed in bathroom basket without a lid,’ ‘Tie-dyed sheets and pillow cases with lidless markers,’ and ‘Lipstick tube free of lid leads to it’s demise.’ Some images will be graphic. Individuals will complete projects that someone else begins for them.

Lab. Students will research, record and track the effects of sleep on toddlers and teenagers, making correlations between sleep and mood in addition to comparing the similarities of the effect of lack of sleep in each population group.

This course will discuss several known and a few more obscure reasons mother’s cry. These will cover lids being left off items, doors being left open, cranky kids, in addition to exhaustion, doubt, and clean clothes getting put in the laundry.

As Jac says, “No idea is a bad idea” so I think we might be getting somewhere. If only I could find a tutor for each of the first 3 classes, I wouldn’t need the fourth. . . Just a thought! Try to keep up, soldier!